Nile dam dispute: Egypt needs water, Ethiopia seeks electricity, Sudan wants both

ADDIS ABABA/CAIRO, Oct 12 (NNN-AFRICANEWS) — While Egypt wants to guarantee a steady supply of water for its 100 millions citizens , Ethiopia is determined to power the homes of the over 100 million citizens.

Sudan completes the triangle of nations that are currently deadlocked over the construction of a dam on the River Nile.

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel peace prize

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 in recognition of his efforts to end his country’s two-decade border conflict with Eritrea.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute on Friday also praised the “important reforms” that Abiy, Ethiopia’s leader since April 2018, has launched at home. The prize comes as Abiy faces pressure to uphold the sweeping freedoms he introduced, and critics warn that his ability to deal with rising domestic unrest may be slipping.

Ethiopia rejects presence of more party in Ethiopian dam talks

KHARTOUM, Oct 6 (NNN-Xinhua) — Ethiopia rejected presence of another party in the negotiations between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The remarks were made by Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity Seleshi Bekele at a press conference in the capital Khartoum.

‘Be patient’ – Ethiopia PM tells tribes looking to break away

ADDIS ABABA, Sept 17 (NNN-AFRICANEWS) — Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed asked ethnic groups pushing to form breakaway regions to be patient and join him in building “a great Ethiopia”.

Abiy made the plea during a visit to leaders of the Kafficho ethnic group, that are seeking to create a new federal state heightening further destabilization in Ethiopia’s diverse southern region.

“You think that there will be many problems in your problems, there are many interrelated and systemic issues that need to be considered.,” said Abiy.

AU urges closer public-private partnership to realize continental development ambitions

ADDIS ABABA, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- The African Union (AU) on Saturday stressed the vital importance of enhancing the partnership between African policymakers and the private sector towards the realization of the continent's 50-year development Agenda 2063.

The 55member pan African bloc, calling on African policymakers and the private sector, also disclosed its plan to host the African Private Sector Forum in November this year with an aim to further bolster cooperation among towards the success of the ambitious Agenda 2063.

Ethiopians grow green thumb in billion tree drive

30 July 2019; MEMO: Ethiopians from all walks of life took to open spaces nationwide on Monday to take part in a massive campaign that set out to plant 200 million seedlings in a span of 12 hours, reports Anadolu Agency.

The initiative was introduced by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to plant 4 billion tree seedlings in the rainy season of June, July, and August.

African leaders launch landmark 55-nation trade zone

8 July 2019; DW: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and Benin's President Patrice Talon on Sunday signed a landmark trade agreement ahead of the accord's official launch at the African Union (AU) summit in Niger.

AU commission chairman Moussa Faki dubbed the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) deal a "historic" moment. Fifty-four out of 55 AU member states agreed to the deal in March, with only Eritrea holding out.

Ethiopia: Amhara attorney general dies after coup effort

24 June 2019; DW: Amhara Attorney General Migbaru Kebede died in hospital on Monday after he was injured in an attack on senior officials in the northern Ethiopian region, public broadcaster EBC reported.

A hospital source confirmed the death to German news agency DPA.

Ethiopia's army chief, a retired general, the Amhara regional president and his adviser were also fatally shot when factions of the military launched a bid to unseat the regional government late on Saturday. 

Ethiopian army chief, regional president killed in unrest

Addis Ababa, Jun 23; AFP/GANASHAKTI:  Ethiopia's army chief and the president of a key region have been shot dead in a wave of violence highlighting the political instability in the country as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tries to push through reforms.

The latest unrest in the Horn of Africa nation flared on Saturday afternoon in Amhara, one of nine autonomous regions, when a "hit squad" attacked a meeting of top officials, Abiy's office said Sunday.

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