Pandemic leaves possible chance for bald-faced lies

KANPUR: "Hamarey mohalley main Covid-19 nikal aaya hai, isliye mein nahi aa paa raha hoon, " (Unable to turn up as Covid-19 has spread into my locality) said a skilled carpenter to an honest customer who has been waiting for him since a long time. 

His utterance of 'Covid-19 Nikalna' on the mobile phone surprised the customer who dialled him several times. 

First, he took time by saying that he was caught on the way for not wearing a face mask. This was a nice excuse for the delay.

India: Online classes are not like regular schooling

KANPUR: The online classes are the result of the pandemic. The regular classes are not possible in such a risky situation. Those students who have joined online classes in this very month of July say it remains a satisfactory experience for them.

On audio and video qualities they stated that we received the network signals properly so there was no immediate trouble in grasping the voice of the teacher. Also, the video quality was not too bad to follow. The teacher even asked the question from the students attending the online classes.

India: Lesser Eidi collection disappoints children

KANPUR: Today being the second day of the festival Eid gets at the shadow of lockdown. Limited movement prevails with certain oddities.

The "Eidi" seekers look a little upset with a drop in their collection of the festival gift in the form of new currency notes due to the lockdown.

They rued that the lockdown has a direct impact on the amount. Either they failed to reach their relatives or relatives did not reach them. Some of the near relatives could not turn up owing to the restrictions.

India: Boys await "Eidi" forgetting of special Eid prayer on festival

KANPUR: As the month of Ramazan draws closer towards the completion, the youngsters are focussing their minds on the collection of traditional "Eidi" from the elders. As many as 25 days of the month have been passed, only a few days are remaining. That's why the children are aiming at the gift.

However, they are well aware of the fact that the Eid prayers will not be held at the mosques. But they have not forgotten about Eidi, the monetary gain on the day of the Eid-ul-Fitr, the annual festival of the Muslims.

Fasting for boys remains a tough obligation

KANPUR: Fasting has always been a tough practice for the boys who escape the routine despite the parental indictment. It is definitely a tough obligation for them. However, they try to keep the fast for one, two, three or four days by saying no.

It is the fear of keeping the fast for a little short of fifteen hours that discourages the boys not to observe the fast willingly.

India: World Laughter Day passes off without hearty ha, ha!

KANPUR: Today is the world laughter day but the laughter is absent from every human face in the wide world. This is the tragedy of the present-day time. The whole of the world reels under the fear of coronavirus. 

Laughter is the best medicine to remove distress. This annual event passed off sadly as laughter has no longer been find  its space. Stress is not lowering owing to the odd situation persisting all around us.

India: Lockdown has not closed door for street dogs

KANPUR: Stray dogs are completely saved from lockdown norm. These street dogs enter every area whether red zone, orange or green. Where men can not enter, these feral dogs go without any fear.

They seem to enter and exit defying the watchmen's sight.

The moment they start roaming inside the closed gate, the children start screaming. Children run away out of a deep sense of panic. Dog makes a quick way out before adults come to their rescue.

India: Home at heart, man travels 3,000 km with friend's body

Aizawl, Apr 29 (PTI) Home is where the heart is, in life and in death, too.

The 23-year-old Raphael AVL Malchhanhima was a distraught man when his friend Vivian Lalremsanga died of suspected heart attack on April 23 in Chennai.

The lockdown had shuttered the city and cluttered his mind.

India: 11-year-old boy completes his first fast of Ramazan

KANPUR: Where there is a will, there is a way. This is applicable on an 11-year-old boy Mohd Saad Hasan who completed his first fast (Roza) on the third day of Ramazan.

Only 25 Kg in weight he has a lean body. His weakness didn't hamper him from the observance of the fast. He was willing to keep the fast and he did it with his strong will. Though he complained of a slight headache, he did not lose his spirit. 

Not only he completed his fast but also read the Quran. He did not fail to offer prayers.

India: Reading Quran becomes regular habit during Ramazan

KANPUR: Indeed, the holy month of Ramazan is known for the revelation of Quranic verses. The Muslims who observe the fast with compassion do not forget to read the revealed chapters during the whole month as if they connect themselves with the daily recitations.

In the prevailing conditions, the devouts are not able to attend the nearby mosque for extra prayers of Taraweeh, they become steadfast in reading the Quran with all the accuracy at the home.

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