In many parts of Mexico, government ceded battle to cartels

EL AGUAJE, Mexico (AP) — The Mexican city of Culiacan lived under drug cartel terror for 12 hours as gang members forced the government to free a drug lord’s son, but in many parts of Mexico, the government ceded the battle to the gangs long ago.

The massive, rolling gunbattle in Culiacan, capital of Sinaloa state, was shocking for the openness of the government’s capitulation and the brazenness of gunmen who drove machine-gun mounted armored trucks through the streets.

Mexican president says he backed release of drug kingpin's son to save lives

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday said that he supported the decision to back off from an attempt to capture a son of imprisoned kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, to prevent the loss of lives.

The decision was jointly made by the Security Cabinet, which is made up by the ministers of defense, navy and security and civilian protection, said Lopez Obrador at a press conference in the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

Asylum-seeking Mexicans are more prominent at US border

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — Lizbeth Garcia tended to her 3-year-old son outside a tent pitched on a sidewalk, their temporary home while they wait for their number to be called to claim asylum in the United States.

The 33-year-old fled Mexico’s western state of Michoacan a few weeks ago with her husband and five children — ages 3 to 12 — when her husband, a truck driver, couldn’t pay fees that criminal gangs demanded for each trailer load. The family decided it was time to go when gangs came to their house to collect.

Failed raid against El Chapo’s son leaves 8 dead in Mexico

CULIACAN, Mexico (AP) — Mexican security forces aborted an attempt to capture a son of imprisoned drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman after finding themselves outgunned in a ferocious shootout with cartel henchmen that left at least eight people dead and more than 20 wounded, authorities said Friday.

The gunbattle Thursday paralyzed the capital of Mexico’s Sinaloa state, Culiacan, and left the streets littered with burning vehicles. Residents took cover indoors as automatic gunfire raged outside.

Mexican president says airport serving capital to operate by 2021

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said construction on an airport north of Mexico City will begin on Thursday and the site will open by 2021, despite a slew of legal hurdles that have slowed work on the project.

The airport, a military base in Santa Lucia to be converted into a commercial airport, is meant to replace a part-built $13 billion airport that Lopez Obrador canceled, calling it costly, geologically unsound and riddled with corruption.

Mexico deports 311 Indians

Mexico City, Oct 17 (PTI) In a first, Mexico's migration authorities deported 311 Indians, including a woman, from various parts of the country amidst its stepped up efforts to check people illegally crossing its borders following pressure from the US.

According to a press release issued by the National Migration Institute (INM) on Wednesday, the Indian nationals, who did not have a condition of regular stay in the country, were deported from the Toluca City International Airport on a Boeing 747 aircraft to New Delhi.

Mexico: Families of slain police angry, AMLO defends policy

MORELIA, Mexico (AP) — Grieving relatives of 13 police officers killed in an apparent cartel ambush gathered outside a funeral home Tuesday, many of them angry at the government and police commanders they believe sent their loved ones to a certain death.

“The good ones are here,” said the brother of slain officer Marco Antonio González, gesturing at the huge funeral hall.

“And those responsible for this, they are also here,” the brother said just as the Michoacan state police chief and his top brass got out of cars.

Mexico City grinds to halt as cabs block airport to protest Uber

MEXICO CITY, Oct 8 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Mexico City taxi drivers blocked major avenues and access to the capital’s international airport to protest against digital platforms like Uber Technologies Inc, Didi Chuxing Inc and Cabify.

The capital’s airport warned passengers via twitter to take extra precautions as protesters stopped traffic at both terminals.

Some cab drivers have even set up camp inside the airport, and traffic was at a standstill for miles leading up to the terminal access, according to footage from local media.

Former Pemex exec fined $165 million in Mexican graft probe

5 October 2019; AFP: A former Pemex executive was slapped with a $165 million fine under a graft probe into the Mexican state oil giant's purchase of a defunct fertilizer company, the government said Friday.

Pemex suffered major financial losses over its purchase of the near-worthless fertilizer plant, which had been sitting idle for years, for $475 million in 2014.

Mexican lower house passes junk-food label law

MEXICO CITY, Oct 2 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Mexico’s lower house unanimously passed a Bill to make manufacturers put warning labels on junk food, defying industry pressure in a bid to protect consumers’ health in one of the world’s most obese countries.

The Bill, which requires food packages to carry labels on the front if the contents are high in sugar, sodium or saturated fat, passed the Chamber of Deputies with 445 votes in favor and three abstentions.

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