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UK security minister says no Russian money behind Conservative election bid

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has not funded its election campaign with Russian money, security minister Brandon Lewis told the BBC on Sunday.

Asked whether Russian money had been funding the party, Lewis said: “No, the funding for the Conservative Party comes from people who are declared through the Electoral Commission and are British citizens.”

Foreign nationals are not allowed to make donations to UK political parties.

UK PM Johnson promises lower immigration if he wins election

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised lower immigration if he wins power in an election on Thursday, but said he was not hostile to allowing foreigners to work and live in Britain overall.

Britain votes on Dec. 12 in an election which will decide the fate of Brexit and the world’s fifth largest economy with a stark choice between Johnson’s pro-market Conservatives and the socialist-led opposition Labour Party.

UK minister says concerned about election interference after leak of documents linked to Russia

LONDON (Reuters) - The leak of classified UK-U.S. trade documents online, tied to a previous Russian disinformation campaign, has all the hallmarks of an attempt to interfere in Britain’s upcoming election, a British minister said on Saturday.

The opposition Labour Party says the leaked documents show the ruling Conservatives are plotting to offer the state-run National Health Service (NHS) for sale in post-Brexit trade talks with Washington.

Johnson, Corbyn wage Brexit battle in final debate before UK election

MAIDSTONE, England/LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn clashed over Brexit on Friday in the last televised debate before next week’s election that will determine the path for Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Six days before Britain votes in its second national election in less than three years, the debate was seen as the last chance for Corbyn to squeeze Johnson’s lead in the polls, which mostly point to victory for the prime minister.

UK PM Johnson dismisses leaked Brexit report obtained by Labour

DETLING, England (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday said that a confidential government document detailing possible disruption to Northern Ireland under his Brexit deal obtained by the opposition Labour party was “nonsense”.

Asked about the customs, regulatory and rules of origin checks between Northern Ireland and Britain, outlined in the document, Johnson said: “I haven’t seen the document you’re referring to, but that’s complete nonsense.”

“With the deal we have, we can come out as one whole UK.”

UK's Labour leader says leaked report exposes PM Johnson's Brexit 'fraud'

LONDON (Reuters) - British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Friday he had a confidential government report which showed there would be customs checks between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain under a Brexit deal negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“This is the cold, hard evidence that categorically shows the impact Johnson’s damaging Brexit deal will have on large parts of our country,” Corbyn said in a speech in London.

UK and USA issue travel advisory to women visiting India

London/Washington DC; 29 Nov 2019 (UMM): British and US Governments have recently issued warnings, and detailed information sheets for its citizens travelling or staying in India.

India is fast building a reputation of being an unsafe place for women resulting some of the Western governments prompting to these advisory sheets being issued to its travellers.

UK's Brexit Party loses four European lawmakers to Conservatives

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s Brexit Party said on Thursday that four of its elected members of the European parliament (MEPs) had left the party to support the governing Conservatives in the British election on Dec. 12.

The Brexit Party was set up in early 2019 by Nigel Farage, whose years of relentless campaigning against membership of the European Union played a major part in delivering the 2016 referendum, in which Britons voted to leave the bloc.

Ukraine threatens to wall off part of Donbass region if no agreement with Russia

LONDON (Reuters) - A top Ukrainian presidential aide on Thursday said Ukraine would wall off the rest of the country from occupied territories if Russia failed to agree to a ceasefire and prisoner swap at a summit in Paris next week.

If Russia doesn’t want to agree to a deal “in this case we will be building a wall and life will go on,” Andriy Yermak said at a forum in London. “We will be living unfortunately in a scenario of a frozen conflict.”

UK’s Priti Patel one of top 10 worst MPs in last parliament

05 Dec 2019; MEMO: The British Home Secretary Priti Patel has been ranked the eighth worst MP in the last parliament, according to the campaign website change.org.

The new People-Power Index ranks the performance of MPs in the 2017-2019 parliament based on availability to their constituents, participation in parliament and how they bring political attention to mass public campaigns and priority issues.

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