Creating fear to win elections is a common strategy of fascist regimes

Police dog India

By AW Siddiqui

According to a report published in UMMnews, four Jaish-e-Mohammed ‘terrorists’ have entered Delhi and are planning to strike during the festival season, in retaliation against the government's decision to end special status to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370.

All four are said to be heavily armed, and their plan is to target PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval.

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These and similar reports, covered widely by main stream TV channels, are part of the usual mind programming tricks that fascist governments apply to get the masses behave in certain way.

State Elections are around the corner and BJP wants to win it. How this news will change the voters’ behaviours in coming state elections (mainly in Delhi and Haryana)?

Although they are saying ‘there is no need to fear’, that’s exactly what they want voters to be – afraid.

Now combine that fear with the perception that has been created last year, that Modi is a strong man, and the only person capable of defending India, and you can see how it will affect the behaviours of voters. This is one of the tricks used in mind programming – cheap but effective.

To neutralise that programming, certain questions need to be asked.

Questions like; How do they know that 4 Jaish ‘terrorists’ are currently in Delhi? How do they know that all 4 of them are armed?

And if they know all that, how come they don’t know where exactly they are, and why don’t they go and nab them quietly? Why do they need to inform the media about it?

Saying no need to panic is actually meant to create a moderate level of panic. Otherwise, why do they need to tell that to the masses through TV channels?

High impact subconscious messages such as, Delhi is on high alert, siren sounds, sniffing dogs,  barricades, higher level of ‘orange’ category alert at Airport and shopping malls, and Delhi police is conducting raids, are all part of the mind programming process. All designed and engineered to create fear.

Saying that terrorist’s plan is to target PM Modi is to lead the voters, with that emotional state of mind (fear), and feelings of urgent security needs. Combine that with the perception of the only strong man out there (Modi), who is also the main target of the ‘terrorists’, will produce the desired behavioural outcome of the voters – vote Modi/BJP.

Soon, we may hear that a few people have been arrested, possibly killed - all Muslim youths, obviously. Pity is that those who killed would probably be innocent people – who were made to loose their lives, or a good part of their lives, for the sake of making a party win elections.


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